Anti EP

by Crassus

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Dissefactonaut Black Smoke filled Riffs and thunderous rhythms set this Satanic offering on its path towards the collective unconscious of all its Listeners. Favorite track: A Demon Is A God Reflected.
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Rigo: Bajas Frecuencias/Coros.
Erno: Tambores.
Wont: Feedback/Gritos.


released November 20, 2014

Grabado, mezclado y masterizado en formato análogo durante el 3 y 4 de Octubre de 2014 en Testa Estudio. León, Guanajuato. México.
Ing. De Grabación: KB Testa.
Asistente de Grabación: Fer Vázquez.

Arte: Johan Navarro



all rights reserved


Crassus Morelia, Mexico

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Track Name: To Triumph Is To Die
Tear the bodies,
Lose the ties of life.
Cast out the pith,
Halt the suffering.

No memories for flesh,
How can we live?.
We’re constantly dying.

To triumph is to die,
Dried oceans of soul,
Collection of loss,
Ghastly lines, leave and surrender.

Universe filled with silence,
Chaos in isolation,
Can’t bear the existence of life.
Track Name: King Fear
Dread and isolation,
Sore believes, blackened hearts.
Ignorance reigns rampant.

Dreams, reality distorted,
Life is a waste, dead and deception,
Consume and exist.

Light belongs to the beholder, Illumination is a state of self.

We are damned,
Parasites aware.
Hell alive,
Death and lust.

Take the rope,
Emotions are for sell
Un‐invited to a world set to flames.
So lazy to die!

Chose a life, take a knife,
Free yourself and free us all!
Track Name: Natalis Invictis
For blood must be shed for the glory!
Father of Lions, bless my blade.

From Mars to Jupiter
Ascend like the sun!
Torch of stars, crimson cap,
Rays of light!.

Lions march! For the death has called brave brothers.
An open sky awaits, thee Shine like the sun.
Murder thy enemies. Bathed with thy blood.
Feast on their suffering. Wrest the light from their eyes!

Spears will fly.
Shields crash.
Helmets fall.
And swords will shine!

Bless me with light.
Feed me with wrath.
Raven my foes.
Ravage their spirits!
Track Name: A Demon Is A God Reflected
To burn.
It only takes one step to ignite.
Believe is disbelieving.
Crush your soul and then reborn.
All myths are gone. God is us!.

All is dead.
Burn and reborn.
If all is alive, only is through me.

Demon is me.
All gods are in me. My soul is a mirror.
My heart is flat and dimmed by my glowing mind.
A sickening twilight.

Cosmos, colossal as my solitude.
I am alone.
Wide is my fervour.
Negative fume. Beyond!
A storm in the twilight.
All life drains.

A demon is men I am a god.